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Marg 28th Apr 2014 Volunteer former carer
Hi I am a volunteer with Dementia residents providing activities etc (I am truly blessed to enjoy their company). Whilst having a lot of contact/carer in the past for family members with dementia, I would now like to do my Cert III in aged care. Would love to hear anyone's recommendations as to which courses are best to complete by correspondence and most economical way to achieve this.
Kind regards
Marg NSW
Solange 18th May 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi Marg. The best way to find out about courses is contacting TAFE Colleges in your area. There are also many private colleges offering the Certificate III. Good luck with your plans!
Marg 20th May 2014
Hi Solange,
I have checked with local TAFE who only have courses commencing beginning of the year.
All online ones too expensive and unfortunately TAFE do not do it by correspondence/online.
Thank you so much for your reply
Kind regards

Jay 19th Jul 2022
Hi Marg,

My boss's sister just finished her Cert III in Disability and never looked back! She's got heaps more flexibility now in her schedule - and can choose shifts.

I think aged care is like that as well, and you can go casual or full-time. My boss's dad was in a home for years before he passed, and the carers there were really lovely in helping out when his family couldn't care for him.

His sister studied with Inspire Education. She was able to study online while still working for Bunnings which was cool. Now she's qualified as far as I can remember.

Anyway, they're at if you want to know where to do a course. You can keep working then and get qualified at the same time. They do disability care and aged care, but I think disability care there's a lot more lifting - so depends how strong you are etc.

Hope that helps.
Susan 19th Jul 2022 Activity Director
Hi Jay
Thanks so much for your input
It is very helpful

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