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Susan 5th May 2014 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator
I am a freelance activity co-ordinator and I also make activity items for people with dementia, such as activity aprons, lapmats sensory cushions and jigsaws. My jigsaws are specially made for ease of use and with only 15 large, easy to handle pieces they are just the right size for a demenita sufferer to put together.
Sheree 6th May 2014 Activities Co-ordinator
Hello Sue - I am also in the UK - which area do you work in? Maybe we could make contact and support each other?
Susan 8th May 2014 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator
Hi Sheree. I'm in West Sussex. Are you on facebook?
Jeanette 13th May 2014 Activities Officer
Are you on FB or do you have a web site?....I would love to see what you make.

karen 29th May 2014 activitity co ordinator
Hi I'm in Uk in Dorset would love to get in touch I'm on Facebook to
Sheree 31st May 2014 Activities Co-ordinator
Susan & Karen - can you email me at: [email protected]
I'd really like to make contact with some UK activities people.

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