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Jackie 24th Jun 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi all you hard working people in aged care

This is a Bingo question..........What do you give for prizes ?
1. For a one liner
2. For a full house
Do you have some rules ?
Thanks all !
Anette 24th Jun 2014 Activity co-ordinator
Hi Jackie!
When I have Bingo is it only full house thats give prizes. The prizes can be small beautiful soaps, showergel, shavinggel, candy all wrapped in fancy packages. Flower in nice pots. We playes for 30 minutes and then a break for coffe and some cakes and then 30 minutes more. If some one wins several times, they get some small chocolate pieces. The only rule is no cheats.
Carol 1st Jul 2014 Therapy assistant
Our prizes are a marshmallow for a line and freddo or milky wy mini bar for a full house.
Linda 3rd Jul 2014 Diversional Therapist
we have snack sized chocolate bars for a full house, 1 bar every win
Rosina 9th Jul 2014 Client Liaison Manager
we get a lot of our prizes donated by family - soaps, handcreams, knitted scarfs lolly bags- we are so grateful to have these donations from our beautiful families and friends
Jeanette 12th Jul 2014 Activities Officer
small bag of soft lollies or mini chocolate bar.

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