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elaine 16th Sep 2014 recreation officer
Hi my name is Elaine and I am asking for ideas on activities for residents age between 45yrs- 55yrs(male&female),I am working in an age care facility .
Solange 1st Oct 2014
Hi Elaine,

Golden Carers has several quizzes suitable to younger (baby boomers) adults. Also in the craft session you may find interesting things to do such as flowers, painting, drawing, and moldings or sculpturing.

If your clients like games you may try Giant Scrabble and Sequence (great and easy card game), which can be bought from Amazons and other online shops.

Good luck and best wishes,

Cathy 8th Oct 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator/ DT
Try playing DVD concerts of bands from the 70's and 80's ,( ask your residents who were their fav ) and turn up the volume and get them dancing and singing!
Print out pictures of iconic food, people, fashion etc from the decades they relate to and pass the pictures around and discuss and reminisce. (Google is great for finding the right pics)
Watch TV shows they will remember ( even cartoons can be fun).
Ask staff, relatives and your local library if they have TV shows and music on DVD that you can borrow.
Start a "charity" group where they can make things for the community which will assist them to feel useful and productive still eg: make dog biscuits for the local RSPCA or toys for the local kindy etc.
Hope this helps :)
elaine 5th Jan 2016 recreation officer
Thank you for your help,I will do that
Vladica 10th Jan 2016
Giant - snake and ladders -Box $20.00
Kymberly 23rd Jan 2016 Activities Coordinator
I start off a song - u have to sing yourself - and residents sing the next line, and beyond if they like. This leads in to who sung the song, the band, the fashion & history, what they sung about etc. we did one this week - 'show me the way to go home' - and we talked about all the 'i remember home' songs from the war.

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