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jennifer 7th Dec 2014
Hello to you all.
Has anyone have and ideas of how to adapt the game of cricket so it can be played indoors by wheelchair residents.
Sharon 9th Dec 2014
If you can get your hands on a WII game set where they can play sports tennis as well Sharon
Linda 10th Dec 2014 Recreation Therapist
Hi Jennifer
Pool noodle as a bat, craft foam balls or sponge ball
try and get your sponges in orange, or lime green as visually impaired see these colours better
Darla 19th Dec 2014 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Great Ideas!.
We have10 blow up bats for Canada Day,
and I like the idea to use a brightly colored Nerf
balls to go along with.
Thanks for the idea!
sallyt 3rd Jan 2015
you could try French cricket you get them to stand or sit in a circle with one person in the middle using plastic bat sponge ball the aim of the game is giving everyone in the circle a turn on bowling but trying to get the legs of the person in the middle three strikes on the legs your out also you can be caught out
Sue 25th Mar 2023 Therapy Assistant
Foam cricket bats from Reject Store, only $7 each. They have a wood look about them and are 50% normal length.

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