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Katja 14th Jan 2015 Recreation Activiites Officer
I have recently visited a few aged care facilities where they have the programme on big screens has anybody else have this and is it a special software? If so, have you seen any benefits?
Maurice 19th Mar 2015
Hi Katja,

Is this programme on the screen a list of the activities for that day, or is it more of a monthly calendar?

Golden Carers actually have an online software tool called "Golden Care Tools" which is designed for activity coordinators to plan and manage upcoming activities and client attendnace:

There is a short video on the homepage you can watch, and at the 50 second mark it shows a calendar of upcoming activities you can print.

You could easily use this document to display on a screen for people to see.

I hope that answers your question. If you have any more details I'm interested to learn more about the screen you saw at these facilities.
wendy 24th Mar 2015 Lifestyle Manager
Hi Katja,
Yes I have my program on TV in foyer so new residents, families can view what we offer I change it every month.
It was part of my CI for two years ago. We had great feed back on it

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