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Julianne 28th Jan 2015 Activities Officer
I have cooked B.B.Q for residents many times over the years. I'm not allowed now, as the cook thinks it's not and activities.
I feel it is so how do I get my point across to him?
My residents all love this and get great enjoyment out of this brings back lots of memories for them. Also deals with senses.please help as I don't wish to see my residents go without this activities. What are your thoughts
Janet 29th Jan 2015 Diversional Therapist
I also work in environment where health and safety comes before common sense sometimes! Does anyone have some simple receipes for non cooking ( cant use ovens)foods please?
Julianne 29th Jan 2015 Activities Officer
I would like easy recipes as well quick an easy,that don't need to be cooked in oven.
Julianne 29th Jan 2015 Activities Officer
I would like easy recipes as well quick an easy,that don't need to be cooked in oven.
gnette 10th Feb 2015
Uncooked slices work well . Purchase a bread maker make bread as a sensory activity, an electirc frypan make pancalkes pancake parlour, as longs a s this is with your companys policys ,staff have currenbt foodhandlers and the kitchen has the documention required in thier foiod safty plan I cant see why not. HAve food tasting sessions during happy hours , nibbles from other cultures etc,
Sharon 22nd Feb 2015 RAO
We hold a combind Men's BBQ monthly for all three sections of our facility. It is a chance for the men to get together over a beer or soft drink and enjoy other men's company while enjoying a BBQ lunch, so tell your Cook it most certainly is an activity. We also use our BBQ for cooking Piklet's which the residents prepare and cook under supervision. I might add I work in High Care Dementia, and this is a popular activity even for the passive participants.
dorothy 8th Mar 2015 diversional therapist
i find the only way to get management to listen to reason is to get researched evidence on the subject and present it on a factual basis leave your own opinions and emotion out of it . Google it and search the data basis for this evidence
good luck to you keep up the passion for what you do
Joanne 22nd Sep 2016 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
Also note that if you do a Food Handling training you should be able to cook bbqs etc. In hindsight most Leisure and Lifestyle people should do this as it covers happy hours, outings etc. It also is a requirement for accreditation and food audits.

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