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Janida 15th Apr 2015 Div. Therapist Co-ord
Hi, I would like to organise a wine and cheese tasting event for our residents, but would like some input/suggestions from anyone who has held one. These would be low and high care residents.
Solange 21st Apr 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Janida, there will some ideas on 'Wine & Cheese Tasting' in the June activities.
Janelle 22nd Apr 2015 Recreation Therapist
I have heard that we cannot give soft cheeses to those in a Nursing Home. Is this right? These are all the yummy cheeses. Is there something else we can use.?
Solange 24th Apr 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Janelle, soft cheeses are often made with unpasteurized milk and can possibly, and unluckily, harm elder people. For that reason many facilities avoid soft cheeses. Hard cheeses are fine and can be made soft by melting or mashed with herbs. Best wishes.
Julie 4th Jun 2021
I held a cheese and wine event last evening and it was very well attended. At first alot of the residents said they dont drink wine, however, all the bottles were empty by the end of the evening! I bought Red, White and Rose wine, ( not expensive wine, average £5/6 bottle), and about 6 different cheeses. We played vintage singalong music, which they enjoyed more as the wine was consumed! Lessons learned: i will cut up a sample of each cheese and pre plate it for everyone, as it will prompt them to try different cheeses if they are already on the plate for them. Rose wine was the most popular!
Susan 5th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Wow Julie
It sounds like you had a great time
Thanks for sharing

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