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Jane 6th Jul 2015 Registered Manager
hi I work in a care home my role is an activity's co-ordinator for dementia I am just wondering if there is a link for me to be able to start becoming pen pals with other care homes thankyou
Jemma 22nd Jul 2015 Diversional Therapist
no link that i know of but i have been considering doing something similar with our residents perhaps we could write to one another? let me know what you think
Maryanne 18th Feb 2018
Hi Jemma and Jane, was wondering if we could write to your residents, and set up a pen pal group. Maybe each residents could write about their interests and experiences. Pull names from a hat as to who they can be penpals with? What do you think? From Sandy at Sarah Claydon, Milton NSW, Australia.
Luiza 23rd Feb 2018 Activitie Coordinator
Can we jpin pen pal club too?i am activity coordinator in a small residential care centre in Skibbereen,Ireland.We gave 50 residents.I would say about 10 of them would love to do that.
Nori 24th Feb 2018
Wow! So fun! I'd love to participate in this. Do you have room for some folks from Iowa, USA?
Chris 25th Feb 2018 Activity Director
Sounds fun. I'm sure some of my residents would love to do this also
Jan 8th Jan 2021 Senior Rec Coordinator
Hi Jan from Oklahoma. I was wondering what your mode of transportation for letters? I want to start a pen pal group, but I know many of the folks I serve would not be able to afford stamps. I was thinking of doing a pick up drop off. We would start off local. Just curious on all thoughts of this.
Susan 8th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jan
Read these comments and see if there someone that can help you
You may also want to ask this question on Golden Carers Facebook group

Jan 12th Jan 2021 Senior Rec Coordinator
I'm still working on this Pen Pal thing. I've been calling Activity Directors at nursing homes and assisted living facilities to see if there is an interest. There is, but I'm also stuck on mode of transportation. I also can't figure out how to connect the people with each other. Most are not internet savvy or have smart phones. My research so far shows others doing this are connecting on fb or instagram. I feel stuck:( I believe I will be able to get funding for stamps tho:)
Susan 13th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Jan hi
I am hoping you can get funding for stamps
Maybe you can have a small fundraiser yourself
Have you tried contacting any of the schools maybe the students can send letters or one big letter that you can share
Jan 13th Jan 2021 Senior Rec Coordinator
I won't be able to do pen pal with school children right now, but I like the one big letter idea. I work for the city, so I should be able to get a P.O. for stamps. This is just taking longer than I like, but that's on me. I like to get things done faster than I should. It's good for me to slow down;)
Susan 13th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jan
I am glad things are working out for you
I was like you I was anxious to get things done
That quality can be good in bad
I hope things work out when you start writing letters
We had a monthly budget
Alison 25th Jan 2021 Lifestyles Assistant
Hi everyone,
I was contemplating connecting with a local high school and requesting that they write letters that I could periodically "post" in our garden mail box as a reward for "popping out to check the mail".
Lots of high schools have Community programs for their year 9 students and struggle to find ideas. I realise its not a pen pal system but it is some sort of connection in a manner our elderly may understand.
Has anyone else managed a mail box? I would really appreciate any advice.
Susan 25th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Alison
Hi find that resident enjoy getting mail
I think they’ll like know that someone is thinking about them
Perhaps the students can just send cards for the season
For example Valentine’s Day is coming up
This would be a great opportunity for the residents and students alike to share valentine wishes

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