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Lorraine 22nd Jun 2019 Activities Officer
Hi my name is Lorraine and I'm an activities officer in an age care facility in QLD Australia. I would love to know if anyone is interested in starting up pen pals? Our residents love writing letters and I think it would be great, especially the residents who don't enjoy joining in activities. I would love to hear from you if you would be interested in starting this activity. Thank you in advance.
Susan 25th Jun 2019 Activity Director
Hi Lorraine
You might want to use this link to find others who are interested in a penpal who haven’t seen your post
Hannah 25th Jun 2019 Manager
Hi, I manage a 35 bed care home in Lancashire the north of England and would love to set up maybe a homes penpal with yours, we can send photos of what's going on, what we do locally, life stories.
Let me know if your interested
Leslie 25th Jun 2019 Activities Assistant
Hi Lorraine, I'm from South Jersey, USA... I'm an activity aide at a 3 story rehab/long term care facility. I'm with the cognitive residents once a week doing a "Getting to Know You" club. For our summer "vacation " we are virtual traveling to a different country of each members choosing. Two folks did choose Australia! I'm sure my group would love to pen pal! Let me know if you're interested, if so I will give you my email, from there we can exchange addresses... Leslie Laurito
Sunya 25th Jun 2019 Activity Director
Hi. Lorraine
I am an Activity Director in Texas. I would like to start a pen pal club at our nursing home. My email address is [email protected]. Thanks
Leslie 26th Jun 2019 Activities Assistant
Maybe we can all exchange addresss and have a global pen pal network? With photos of our locale? That would be fun and informative!
Osborne 28th Jun 2019 Activites Coordinator
Yes pls! I would love to be a member of a pen pal club! I am based in Clevedon, Uk. I was talking about it with a resident a couple of days ago. Shall I have your adresses? Our is Osborne House, 16 Bay Road BS21 7BN Clevedon UK, you can adress your letters to Osborne residents and team.
Thanks to whom will write to us. Looking forward to receive your letters!
Lorraine 6th Jul 2019 Activities Officer
Leslie that would be a great idea for us all to join together. I will chat with our residents and find out who would be interested in doing this and how many. Thank you for your response I think they would love it.
Dana 9th Jul 2019
Would love to join in... We are located in Bellingham, Washington, USA. my email is [email protected]

Thank you!
Donna 13th Jul 2019 Activity Director
I am an Activity Director at a 104 bed facility in Mt. Airy, Maryland and always looking for something new to do. I think some of our residents would love doing this. My email is [email protected]
Faith 18th Jul 2019 Therapy Assistant
I run a Day therapy Centre for seniors of the surrounding community here in Perth , I would be do interested in the penpals idea. My email is [email protected]
Teresa 22nd Jul 2019 Activity Director
Count us in, we are assisted living memory care in Michigan. My email is [email protected]
Rebecca 24th Jul 2019 Rec Officer
Hi..I am lifestyle coordinator in new facility, would love to implement pen pal is [email protected].
Adult 25th Jul 2019
Hi There!

My name is Nicole and I am an activity coordinator in Canada New Brunswick! I would like to start a pen pal group! I work at Hospice at the Adult Day centre! Its a program that clients come for the day and gives respite to the caregivers. Please send me an email! [email protected]
Lorraine 27th Jul 2019 Activities Officer
Great interest for the PenPal activity. My e-mail is [email protected]
Faith 27th Jul 2019 Therapy Assistant
I’m Faith employed as a Day Therapy Coordinator and willing to join in the Penpal exchanged , our seniors are still living in there homes in the community but come to DC for socialisation and all the other things we offer . Our ages range from 70 to 96, my email is [email protected]
Tara 30th Jul 2019 Manager
Hi All,

My name is Jenna and I am the Lifestyle Coordinator in New Gisborne, Victoria, Aus. We are remote and would love to offer this to our resident's what a lovely idea! my email address is: [email protected]
sharon 9th Sep 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi everyone,
I am a Diversional Therapist working at a aging in place residential facility in Cheltenham Victoria Australia. I'm trying to start up a pen pal club with a few of my residents, possibly sending pictures, news events, what we do and have at our facility etc.
If anyone is interested maybe we could start of slowly eg. one resident each and see how it goes.
My email address is [email protected] or speak to me through this link.
Thanking you
Karen 11th Sep 2019 Lead Activity Co-ordinator
Hiya Lorraine! My residents find writing very difficult, but I'd like to be part of the pen pals idea, because I can help them, if they tell me their thoughts and I can write them. Also it would be good to read to them. Lorraine, I've made a note of your email address, mine is [email protected]. I am based in London, England and they would love to hear from residents just like them from all over the world. Susan, thanks for the link. I'll follow it right away..
Susan 24th Sep 2019 Activities Co Ordinator
Hi I am a Activities co-ordinator in the UK my residents would love to have pen pals over in Australia
Mila 9th Oct 2019 Activities Assistant
Hi my job is Activities Coordinator in a nursing home in the UK and yes my residents would love to communicate through writings .They would love to have friends from another country. Please email me at [email protected]
Susan 10th Oct 2019 Activities Co Ordinator
Hi Lorraine my residents would love pen pals from Australia, one of the residents have a son who lives there.
Lifestyle Kincumber 26th Oct 2019 Lifestyle Officer
I am the lifestyle team leader here in Kincumber Australia. This is a great idea. my residents would love this. my email address is [email protected]
Cindy 31st Oct 2019
I too would be very interested in this exciting idea!
I run a Centre Based Respite for community participants (Aged & Disability) here at our Community Centre in Kurri Kurri NSW.
My email is [email protected]

I am also interested in the sharing of ideas & resources! :)
Andrea 25th Nov 2019 AIN/Lifestyle therapist
I work in an age Care home on the Central Coast NSW and I am interested in providing this for my residents our email is [email protected]

Carla 26th Nov 2019 Lead Activities Coordinator
Hi, I am the Lead Activities Coordinator in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, England. We have a few residents who would love to get involved. It is a 3 storey 64 bed home. One of my residents is 91 years old and has travelled the world as a flight engineer in the R.A.F. and he has such interesting things to say!
My email address is [email protected]
We would love to chat anyone in England or abroad
Stacey 29th Nov 2019 Licensed Practical Nurse
Hello, I would love to have our clients be a part of having a penpal abroad or near. My clients are mostly independant as part of a day program and they feel this is a wonderful idea. We are from a small city in Saskatchewan, Canada. Please feel free to e-mail me [email protected] and we can send out our address for the letters to mailed. I think this is a wonderful idea.
Susan 4th Dec 2019 Support Worker
Hi i'm Sue from St Helens Merseyside Uk..i'm sure our residents would be interested as i email is [email protected]
Becky 6th Dec 2019 Activity Coordinator
Love this idea! Please include our home in Ontario, Canada! My email is [email protected]
Jacqulyn 14th Dec 2019 Activity Program Coordinator
Hi! I just came across this forum. It sounds like a great idea! I have 3 Residents(at this time) that's interested in Pen Pals! my email... it's a looong one...ha ha!..
[email protected]
Karen 24th Mar 2020 Service Activity Coordinator
Hi, I am the Social Coordinator at Siena Village, a senior residence in Wayne New Jersey. I absolutely love the idea of pen pals please add me to your list. [email protected]
Beverly 25th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Hey we would love to be your penpal here in Indiana Rawlins House Family First Senior Living 300 JH Walker Drive Pendleton Indiana 46064
Denise 25th Mar 2020 Activity Director
I am a coordinator in Memory Care and our residents would LOVE to participate in something like this! We are in Surprise, AZ.
Please count us in. My email address is [email protected]
Olwyn 18th Apr 2020 Diversional Therapist
Sounds like a particularly good idea at this time.
Please contact me via email [email protected] for our snail mail address or our link for a zoom meeting connection. I have a couple of residents in our palliative residential dementia unit that are be interested. We are based in South Gippsland, Victoria Australia and are predominantly a farming community.
Gigi 19th Apr 2020 Director of Recreation Therapy
Hi everyone I just joined. Is it too late to get in on the pen pals group? I am a director of therapeutic recreation in New Britain CT. I think some of my residents would love to be involved with this especially from some place far away... Australia and England would be a great idea. My email is. [email protected]
Michele 19th Apr 2020

If anyone would like to write to the UK,

Buddleia House
16 Croft Avenue
NG15 7JD

The home of Robin Hood.

I will arrange to send cards out to some of the homes above. We love sending and receiving cards to combat Lonliness in care homes.

regards and thanks

Stacey 19th Apr 2020 Licensed Practical Nurse

We are always looking for some more pen pal groups. We are located at:

Adult Day Program
St. Joseph’s Hospital
1176 Nicholson RD
Estevan, SK
S4A 0H3

Currently are closed with the pandemic but feel free to send us a letter and we will for sure write back when we open. I started this with a few other care homes and my clients love reading and writing letters back!
Vanessa 4th Jul 2020
Hello everyone...I was hoping this is still going on. I'm Activity Director in Houston, TX. USA. We would love to set up a Pen Pal Program and build wonderful relationships abroad so that we can skype during our Arm Chair Travel activity. Please let me know if you're interested. We can set up a zoom call.
Sharon 5th Oct 2022 Activities Coordinator
Hi, I have just joined Golden Carers and have come across this link. I would love to get involved in this activity. I am the only activities coordinator at the moment in a 60 place house, the majority of our residents have dementia. The home has been without an activitiy coordinator for a while and our residents are struggling to be interested in activities, although slowly they are beginning to. What I am finding is they like to talk about their families and past places and I thought a penpal activity would be good and something for them to look forward to. If anyone would be interested please email me at [email protected].

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