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Clara 5th Aug 2015 Nurse Unit Manager
Hello everyone.
At our recent resident and reps meeting the residents requested to have a coffee machine.
I would like to know, does any else have one, what brand works the best, do you let the residents use it or do the staff oversea the use, what do you charge and how do you manage it?Any information will be invaluable-so thank you in advance!!!!
Solange 6th Aug 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Clara, one trusted place to choose a coffee machine is through the consumer magazine 'Choice'. They try a variety of machine and recommend the best and most affordable.
Clara 8th Aug 2015 Nurse Unit Manager
Thank you Solange, I am more interested to see if other aged care facilities have them for their residents to use and how they work out the logistics. :)
Kymberly 11th Aug 2015 Activities Coordinator
We have a cappuccino machine - during scheduled activities they are free, and must be worked by a staff member for safety reasons. We might have a volunteer to help hand them out to save time. Outside these times residents must pay a dollar, and use them themselves
Julianne 15th Aug 2015 Activities Officer
We also have a cappuccino machine it cost us around $400.00 but was well worth the money as it gets used all the time.
There is no charge involed, a Volunteer makes the coffee and we have a high tea than play hoy. Residents really enjoy this activities it has been going now for around 10years. If this was to stop we would receive complaints.

Julianne 16th Aug 2015 Activities Officer
At our site we don't let residents make their coffee in case they burn themselfs ( workplace and healthy laws) they are all very content with this. If they did have to make it themselfs it wouldn't get used.

I will fine out the brand of our coffe machine.
Clara 21st Aug 2015 Nurse Unit Manager
Thank you everyone! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!!
Any information on what brand suits your needs would be greatly appreciated.

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