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Fiona 14th Sep 2015 Recrecation Therapist
Hi Fellow activity officers,
I have a couple of men who said they are bored & don't want to participate in the everyday activities. Ive offered puzzle books, gardening, painting, cards, chess and many more. They attend the men's shed fortnightly for 90 mins but Im looking for ideas of fulfilling jobs that they can do on a daily basis. Things that some companies pay people to do. One has dementia but is quite mobile and the other has poor vision but good mobility. Im hoping someone might have some ideas.
Thanks in advance,
Debbie 15th Sep 2015
maybe consider getting some old tools that need maintenance, oiling, sharpening etc, sorting through nuts and bolts, sanding wooden toys and children's wooden toys, refreshing old timber frames, we struggle too with activities for males in a day respite centre.
Solange 16th Sep 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Fiona, it is very hard to motivate men, much harder than women. I hope these ideas can help you.

Suitable activities for Men
- Furniture restoration; some may enjoy sanding and varnishing an old chair

- A safe car yard they could wash and detail a car

- Rake and shovel autumn leaves

- Painting the garage or a wall

- Clean and organise gardening tools

- Polish and buff shoes (do it in group for fun and chatter)

- Start a vegetable garden in the facility

- Learn computer or smart phone by pairing them with volunteer senior students - ne

- 'Pub Crawl' with a couple of volunteers once a month.
Kymberly 20th Sep 2015 Activities Coordinator
we have a gem club and they meld and smolder pieces and do repairs for other residents
Jacqueline 22nd Sep 2015 Diversional therapy team leader
One of the things we have just started with some of our more physical men that dont want to be involved in most other things is window cleaning, we bought a couple of squigges and buckets and away they go. we are lucky enough that our secure unit is on ground level and we have an internal garden. They are loving it and we do it in the afternoons so we are finding that it helps with the whole sundowing process as well.
Doris 27th Sep 2015 Recreation Therapist
Really appreciated all of the above ideas for Men mentioned already.
Would like to add:
Pub afternoon with Carpet bowling, delivering the news paper and mail to residents in the facility, being in charge of recycling items taking them to the bottle depot and then using the funds for a special event for Men or donating it to a special cause; research for Alzheimer's or even funds for a school in the neighbourhood. Volunteer work in the community. Intergenerational involvement with youth: teaching kids to read, make mobile cars, planes, trains, repair their bikes, build a science project, build bird houses or feeders for their facility or the local zoo.
Wood work: sanding and refinishing wooden walking canes. One to one visits where you record their life history or stories about their life. Mens Current Events group were you serve coffee or tea and read the news paper out loud and have a discussion about certain news worthy stories.
Fund raising: Get the men to make something. Bird houses, napkin holders, garden stakes, mail boxes, calendars with photographs they have taken; etc. Sell items to residents, family and staff and use the funds for a cause thats near and dear to their heart. Create a reason and purpose for them to get up in the morning and to give back. I found this helps. Good Luck ! From Doris

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