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Marie 15th Oct 2015 Diversional Therapist
Do you have a "Palliative Care box"? A kit to help you assist residents & family during this time?
What is it?
CD's, Tissues.
What else?
Judy 20th Oct 2015 Diversional therapist
A electric aromatherapy burner with calming scents,flowers,anything special to the Resident and Family,photos etc. Judy NZ
Woodlake Aged Care 26th Oct 2015 Therapy
Hi aswell as what has been noted we have in our box a couple of laminated prayers so the family can pray if want to, a bible, a special china tea set to provide tea for the family, a "Do Not Disturb" sign for the door and when the resident does pass away we have a butterfly that we put on their door as a sign of respect and to let staff/residents aware.
Michelle 6th Nov 2015 RAO/AIN
Include toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant etc. for family that may stay over. Colouring in books and pencils and some books for younger children when visiting. A few simple toys.
MARYANN 24th Nov 2015 Programs Manager/Diversional Therapist
Please don't forget some nice fresh flowers or a pot plant in the room also leave the latest paper available - and magazines - reading to the family member can promote reminiscing for family and friends.
Debbie 24th Jan 2016
Contact your local church groups, ask them to provide religious items .Eg catholic church may
provide a bible ,prayer books that can be read to clients or family members, rosary beads.Recently a member from our local community has provided magazines information to assist with palliative in accordance with a persons cultural & spiritual beliefs and background. Ring a round your community. Contact pastoral carers from different religious backgrounds. Their support may help provide a very personal understanding of end of life wishes . Have found members of Jehovah Witness, Catholic church, Anglican Church, Seven Day Adventists all Helpful. Make Individual Boxes for Each Denominations
Joanne 6th Feb 2016 diversional therapist
we have a battery operated candle, this switched on for24hrs when someone passes away.
Lynette 12th Feb 2016 Diversional Therapist
Our palliative CC also includes a small electric warming pad. And an electric aromatherapy ball and a selection of fragrance oils (orange, lavender and mint). Mouth care products and lip balm. . Hand creams for family to use for family and resident.

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