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Carol 18th Nov 2015
Can anyone help me locate reasonably large dice?
I have several games that require them, but the ones I have already are too fiddly. They are one inch square, but I reckon a larger size would be better.
allison 19th Nov 2015
I'm in Singapore but got mine off eBay. They are foam and about 2inches by 2 inches. Very light and easy to use. Cost me $2 each. I also got large blow up dice that are about 30cm by 30cm off ebay that I use with clients for fun.
Marie 20th Nov 2015
Hi Carol....I got Huge dice from a store called --Five Below they were 5 bucks !! im in washington pa hope that helps
Josephine 24th Nov 2015
Hi Carol,

I purchased the large fluffy dice for cars - got them in one of those $2.00 shops. I find that these are soft enough when thrown and will not injure someone and easy enough to handle.
MARYANN 24th Nov 2015
Toy Kingdom or Toy World or Super Cheap
Carol 27th Nov 2015
Thank you so much to those who responded to my query re: large dice.
Some great ideas and suggestions!
Helen 29th Nov 2015
I bought mine in Brisbane from Annie's Attic or you can get them online at

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