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Patrice 15th Jan 2016 Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
I am having to put together an orientation program for new employees at our long term care facility. We have two special care units, a high functioning side and a lower functioning side. I am wondering if anyone out there has any information that I could use to incorporate into my orientation program. Does anyone have an orientation program that you do with your new employees.
Thanks ahead of time
carmen 1st Mar 2016 diversional therapist
Hi! I know this is very delayed but we recently revamped our orientation program. It is across the board for new staff and each department manager needs to orientate to all staff so we are all aware of different departments and how they all work together. In saying that some stuff is N/A so that's what we put when necessary. For my staff in particular I always start with the newsletter and program. This gives them a starting point and helps them structure their day. We have the basics like mandatory reporting, infection control etc - however this is linked with their orientation training done a previous day. Our QM takes care of our new staff for the orientation for the first few days and we jump in when necessary. If you need more info just let me know :)
Talita 21st Mar 2016
Hi Patrice, thank you for your feedback. Based on your comment we decided to create an article about how to plan and implement and orientation program for new employees. Sorry it took a little while!

Thanks again.

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