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Lori 23rd Feb 2016 Activities Director
I work in an assisted living facility. I need a craft idea for St Patrick's day. It needs to be useful, maybe a decoration, and not too difficult. The residents don't want to do anything that looks like a kid would make. Any Ideas?
Talita 23rd Feb 2016
Hi Lori,

We've got some more ideas on a pinterest board here:

The little ribbon shamrocks and ribbon wreath look like nice and easy activities. Also the hanging shamrock garlands.

Hope this helps!
Adele 25th Feb 2020 Activitiy Director
Thanks for the ideas. I am trying to find some easy not so kid like crafts. This is awesome.
Thank you.
Adele Jeppesen from California
Katie 25th Feb 2020 Resident Program Manager
You could make door wreaths with fabrics! They enjoy making the wreaths because they can reuse them every year!
Susan 26th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Here are some ideas On golden Carers

If that is too hard then what I do is have the presidents collar in a mandala in green or any color really and cut it in the shape of a shamrock
Sara 1st Mar 2020 Activity Director
Hi there, I'm irish born and refuse to do crafts that look baby ish too.... so for st patricks day I had the residents help me cut out heart shapes on green card.... 3 of these together make a cute shamrock. if you gentle creas each heart it looks like a leaf. place one in the middle and one of each side. hey presto
Susan 1st Mar 2020 Activity Director
Hi Sara
This is a great idea
Thank you
Sara 2nd Mar 2020 Activity Director
susan this is some of them on my march bulletin board. the shamrock was used by st Patrick to represent the holy trinity...the father in the middle the son and the holy spirit. so shamrocks and not four lead clovers are associated with him.
Susan 2nd Mar 2020 Activity Director
Wow Sara what a great bulletin board
You are very creative and an inspiration to us
Karen 6th Mar 2020 Lead Activity Co-ordinator
I think making little shamrocks and stringing them together is a good idea, also having an irish themed quiz, and attempting the irish jig!
Sara 11th Mar 2020 Activity Director
thanks Susan
I put a lot of hours planning and designing/creating their board each month

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