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Fiona 4th Mar 2016 Lifestyle Coordinator
Can I ask a question : This month we have St Patricks and Easter, normally I would decorate the activity room with the theme of the month, if there are two themes should I decorate the activity room with both?? Or would you suggest I decorate with one theme (the first to arrive) then take it down to decorate for the second theme (second to arrive)?? I am new at this. Any help would be very helpful. Thanks.
Solange 4th Mar 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Fiona, I believe most would do St Patrick's Day first and then Easter decorations after. Easter is very early this year, we usually have more time between the two dates but as Easter changes every year we never know. By the way the Vatican is trying to have Easter's date fixed but it is having a lot of resistance from the Orthodox churches. Best wishes.
Thea 13th Mar 2016 Facility Manager
Hi Everyone, we are doing St Pat's this week and then onto the Easter theme. It's busy but a great way to keep the activities rolling. As for March 17th and Easter, there are some great templates on the net, just google and go to images and you'll find heaps of fun activities that can be applied to aged care/dementia. Enjoy!

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