Match the lyric to the song title. Make up a play list as an addition to the game for a sing song

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Linda 25th May 2022 Virtual Programer
This playlist for the Old Crooners is amazing! Oh, how
I wish I could bring it to my ol'folks.
I've tried saving it to Spotify, but I can't get on Spotify
because I have another program ??? which they say competes with
I've tried learning how to create my own playlist without lyrics, but
couldn't accomplish getting it on Power Point.
Any suggestions?
Maybe a good idea for Golden Carers would be to offer classes on how to replicate some of the sophisticated programs you offer. I can't imagine that it would effect your subscriptions negatively.....
Worth a thought!
Maurice 25th May 2022
Hi Linda! :)

We are working on some exciting features to better integrate these kinds of media. In the meantime, this should hopefully solve your issue:

1. On the playlist above, click the Spotify logo in the top righ. That will open a new browser tab, and should prompt you to "Open Spotify"

2. Open opened, as long as you have Spotify installed on your computer, it should open your Spotify program and show you the Crooner Lyrics Quiz playlist we've created

3. Now all you need to do is click the dots menu (to the right of the play button), and click "Add To Library"

That's it - now it's been added to your account as a playlist. I hope that helps!
Donna 28th May 2022 Nurse
Linda you would be able to make a playlist on youtube.