Mental stimulation, encourage concentration, maintain social skills
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Solving crossword puzzles in group settings is so much fun!


  • Mental stimulation
  • Concentration
  • Maintain social skills.


Print themed crosswords from Golden Carers or make your own! Alternatively, buy a junior crossword magazine or book, the small ones with 11 x 11 places. I usually reproduce the puzzle on a white board but you can also enlarge copies of it and hand out a copy to each resident. The local suburban weekly newspaper is a good source of crosswords.


Encourage participants to think about the clues, give them the first letter of the clue or elaborate on the clues to help reveal the answers.

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Talita 29th May 2022
Thank you so much for your feedback Ximena!
Ximena 26th May 2022 Activities And Recreation Assistance
Thank you for your wonderful ideas. Perfect help!!
tyrone 20th Oct 2010 lifestyle assistant
One thing i do in the dementia wing with cross words is i get a small group and read the cross word clues to them and tell them how many letters ect they seem to respond better to this as it promotes cnversation and they try to work it out together
CHRISTINE RANDICH 16th Feb 2009 Activity Worker
Thankyou for your activities, I am geting a bit stale on ideas, and as I have to do the planning for May in the dementia ward, you have give my residents a whole lot of new activities.
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