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Jacqui 14th Jan 2017
great idea also for my lady that has dementia and we have some one on one time I could set up with a different theme for interest for her thanks
Violet 30th Dec 2015
This is a great idea. My group is a small group and I will sure try it you. thanks for sharing.
Solange 7th Aug 2015
Great idea Marion, thank you for sharing.
Bluecare 7th Aug 2015
This is such a great idea. we have Cafe 1 open every monday morning in a multipurpose room that is permanantly set up as a cafe as we have the room. the residents really enjoy cafe and we have visiting entertainers some weeks.
SUSAN 7th Aug 2015
Sounds lovely - such an enriching experience and something which our older residents took great delight in doing when they were younger.
Marion 27th Jul 2015
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Cafe