DIY Horse Racing Game

DIY Horse Racing Game

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Horse Racing is a fun activity that touches upon many of the holistic elements of health that we are trying to reach as recreational therapists.

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Cheryl 30th Apr 2024 Activities Manager
Our residents love horse racing, we made our horses with pool noodles (one noodle makes 2 horses) and then we put them on plungers.
Tyler 10th Nov 2022 Recreation Therapist
I'm glad people are enjoying my activity!
Greg 8th Nov 2017 Coordinator
Wonderful activity, so much fun & laughter & very inclusive. We had 6 staff participants including our manger as the horses. We set up the race track on the floor & added novelty squares, such as "swap places with horse number 2". Clients were in groups of three & had their own horse. Everyone won a prize at completion of the race.

Community Care officer
Talita 13th Nov 2017
Great to hear! Thanks for your feedback.
Anglicare - Karen 1st Nov 2016 Lifestyle Lead
Great Activity! Our Group had a blast. We modified it slightly as we had more than 6 participants. Instead we had each person roll the dice in turn. We also placed bets, but slightly differently, we sell raffle tickets to pay for our Clients' Christmas luncheon (in the Community) and this time each client got a ticket in the draw for participating, then they could buy tickets for the usual price and choose to put them in the draw or bet them on the horse they thought would win. If they picked the winning horse they got extra tickets in the draw.

Lifestyle Assistant