Here is a quiz about the origins of Easter celebrations.

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Saummya 13th Apr 2022 Activity Manager
Thanks, really good:-
Talita 15th Apr 2022
Thanks for your feedback Saummya x
Mary 7th Apr 2022 Activity Coordinator
Great quiz will be very helpful
Talita 10th Apr 2022
Thanks for your feedback Mary x
katherine 8th Apr 2020 Leisure & Lifetyle Coordinator
Thanks so much! What a great help :-)
AW Activities 24th Mar 2016
Thanks, great quiz :)
sharon 17th Feb 2016 activities co-ordinater
Thank you, the residents really love these quizers and I find that nearly all jion in and become very excited and proud of themselfs when they get an answer right.
Shirley 15th Apr 2015 Recreation Officer
I used this quiz and residents liked it Shirley NSW
Morena 27th Mar 2014 Diversional Therapist
That's really great..

Thanks I was looking for some great quiz for today..