Eyeglass Lens Brooch

Eyeglass Lens Brooch

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Take old eyeglasses and remove the lenses (you can also buy them at the dollar store). Cut out a favorite picture using the lenses as templates for sizing...

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Irene 31st Oct 2017 Planned Activity Support Worker
Thanks for sharing liz , I bought whole box of glasses from an op shop , can't wait to start project for next year,
Vania 16th Feb 2017 Recreation Therapist
Modge Podge can be expensive for our limited budgets. A friend who is very "crafty" suggested to to mix equal parts of liquid white glue and water. We have used this method and it works just as well on our projects.

Silvia 16th Feb 2017 Lifestyle & Health
Hi everyone!
This looks and sounds terrific! I will definitely be trying it out this weekend.
Regarding Modge Podge, I have found some at Lincraft store in Chadstone Shopping Centre Melbourne...I'm sure other Lincraft stores would carry it, even Spotlight should have some. All the best and Thankyou for sharing the idea! Silvia :)
Meredith 14th Feb 2017 Activities Officer
What can I use instead of Hodge Podge and or where can I buy it in Australia?
Lynne 17th Feb 2017 Activity Director
You can also use regular white Elmer's glue watered down a bit to make it easier to spread. Just be sure it's the clear drying glue.
Vania 7th Feb 2017 Recreation Therapist
What a fabulous craft idea! Many thanks for sharing.
Georgina 31st Jan 2017 Lifestyle Co-ordinater
What a great idea and so easy to make. Will definitely be trying this in craft group. Thanks Lynne.
Talita 31st Jan 2017
What an interesting activity idea, so unique and with such a beautiful result! Thanks for sharing Lynne.