Find the hidden objects in this beautiful sea themed illustration!

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Meranda 6th Feb 2021 Lifestyle Assistant
Love this activity so glad i found this one x
Talita 8th Feb 2021
Thanks for your feedback Meranda!
Alison 17th Jun 2020 Activitycoordinator
Talita 22nd Jun 2020
Thank you so much for your feedback Alison! x
Kim 27th May 2020 Activites
I just got my subscription today, and I AM SO THANKFUL I STUMBLED ACROSS THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so wonderful and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Talita 1st Jun 2020
Ahhh Kim thank you so much! This means so much to us!
Shirley 18th Feb 2020 Welfare Village Officer
I'm amazed at how much I find when I am at a loss for activities. This week and next definitely find the object will be my activity in Dementia.
Thank you Golden Carers..
Susan 19th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Glad we could be of help Shirley
You are correct there are so many activities here
It’s just amazing