This quiz can be extended into a good old fashioned sing-a-long! Have fun!

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Gwyneth 9th May 2021 Volunteer
Thanks Vicky for your comments, I notice that you are from England, I am Welsh . nice to meet you, all the best, Golden Carers is a wonderful web site. I am a volunteer sending activities in and also enjoying the web site very much. Regards Gwyneth
Susan 10th Oct 2020 Activity Director
You could also have the residents change the lyrics
I like to use the alphabet to do this
For example
Take the song if you’re happy and you know it
Have the residents think of something they can do that start with a such as act silly
Then b bend your legs and so on
This is fun and also good for the memory
Also residents could do this independently
Gwyneth 12th Oct 2020 Volunteer
Thanks Susan At our Day Care Centre, I do a lot of things to music, CD and piano, and lots of singalongs, exercises to music, comedy skits, I just love music, have a nick name Gwyneth on the ivories, I have got so much old time music, being an oldie myself, I have accumulated lots over the years, I just love the old songs. My problem on Golden Carers is feeding information to you all, I have always stood in front of my clients, showing them how to do it, and always participating with them. We still can't go back to the Day Care Centre, hoping things will improve as maybe we can start back early January. I think Susan it has kept me feeling young and happy, and I still want to carry on with volunteering, even at the age of 86. I am very glad that I found you all at Golden Carers, it has helped me a lot, to stop suddenly after 30 years it is hard to slow down. I have volunteered for so many disabilities, this last one for the Vision Impaired I have been there for over 25 years and missing it. The trouble with us volunteers now, if dealing with aged care, there are so many restrictions, we pick a lot of clients up from their houses, but we can't have buses or drivers now, the hall we use we can't use the kitchen, we cook breakfast and lunch , and what with sanitising and distancing,!! they will let us know when we can start back, Can't even play the piano at the hospital! it is very sad for all concerned, for the ones willing to give and for the ones wanting it. W e'll get there, Gwyneth thanks Susan for your comments.
Vicky 6th May 2021 Activity Co Ordinator
Thank you great idea , simple but effective .
I play name an animal with no horns ect but never tried a singing game x
Talita 11th Aug 2020
Thank you Gwyneth!