How much do residents remember about the movie? A fun reminiscing quiz for the elderly!
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How much do residents remember about the movie?


1.Name the plantation where the O'Hara's lived
2.Name Scarlett's two younger sisters
3.Who was the man Scarlett was in love with (but he didn't love her)?
4.What is the name of Scarlett and Rhett's child?
5.What is Scarlett's first name?
6.What city was Rhett Butler from?
7.Who tells Scarlett that Ashley is marrying Melanie?
8.Why doesn't Scarlett flee Atlanta when the Yankees attack?
9.After the Yankees destroy the plantation what is the only food to be found?
10.What colour dress does Scarlett wear at Ashley's birthday party?
11.How does Scarlett and Rhett's child die?
12.When the city of Atlanta is being sieged, who is having a baby?
13.What is the dance that Rhett pays money for to be allowed to dance with Scarlett?
14.What silly phrase does Scarlett use a lot?
15.Who is Scarlett's first husband?
16Who in the film says she “Knew nuthin' bout birthin' no babies”?
17.What is the last line of the movie?
18.Returning from Atlanta, after the fire, Scarlett found only two slaves - they were...
19.Scarlett visits Rhett in prison with a dress made of ...
20.When Rhett leaves Scarlett she asks him: ”Where shall I go? What shall I do?” and Rhett replies…


1 Tara 2 Suellen and Careen 3 Ashley 4 Bonnie Blue 5 Katie 6 Charleston 7 The Tarleton twins 8 Because she promised Ashley she would look after Melanie 9 Radish 10 Red dress 11 A horse riding accident 12 Melanie 13 Virginia Reel 14 Fiddle dee dee 15 Charles Hamilton 16 Prissy 17 “After all tomorrow is another day” 18 Mammy and Pork 19 Made of drapes 20 Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

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Solange 20th Apr 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Faith, I am sorry it didn't work so well for you. Have you tried: 'Group Singing', 'Nursery Rhymes Game', and 'Things That Go Together'? It may be more suitable to high care. All the best.
Faith 20th Apr 2015 Diversional Therapist / Lifestyle Assistant
I found this quiz to not work with my residents they were only able to answer 1, 10 & 20 the others they drew black however most are high care but the ones that are more cognitive struggled with this one
No Avatar