I've used this with various levels of cognitive ability - all enjoyed the challenge and the group support in working out the answers. It has also triggered remininscence about the garden.

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Janice 12th Apr 2022 Activities Co-ordinater
Visual quizzes are very popular with our residents, many thanks.
Talita 15th Apr 2022
Thanks for your feedback Janice!
Sarah 10th Mar 2021 Activity Coordinator
Thank you for the feedback :) I will start working on more and post :)
Melo 4th Mar 2021 Activities Coordinator
Superb idea.... will organise this with other activities to make it engaging to all residents.
Talita 8th Mar 2021
Thanks for your feedback Melo!
Talita 2nd Mar 2021
Love these visual quizzes, thanks for sharing Sarah!