This pictorial quiz of guessing the names of popular Christmas Carols is a fun game and reminiscing activity!

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Marguerite Chadwick 2nd Dec 2021
Hi Marlene

I'm Marguerite a member and volunteer for the Parkinsons organization. I have been given the fun exercise guess the name of the carols and intend to add the exercise to our Christmas get together for family and friends. Unfortunately we don't know all the carols can you help us out please? Nos 3, 5, 6, and 10. are defeating us!

kindest regards Marguerite
Talita 3rd Dec 2021
Hi Marguerite, the answers are on the final page.
Susan 3rd Dec 2021 Activity Director
Hi Marguerite
The answers are on page 5
Nancy 27th Oct 2021 Activity Program Supervisor
Thank you for all the great ideas.
Talita 31st Oct 2021
Thanks so much for your feedback Nancy!
Karen 2nd Dec 2020 Dementia Support
Great quiz
Talita 7th Dec 2020
Thanks for your feedback Karen!
Marlene 20th Oct 2020 Lifestyle Assistant
Thank you so much Talita for your encouraging feedback re my activity. Appreciate if so much !

Marlene Laporte
Talita 18th Oct 2020
What a fabulous activity! Thank you for sharing Jane!