This is a wonderful reminiscing activity in a group setting.  Guess the names of these famous people from the clues provided.

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Katharina 7th Feb 2023 Diversional Therapist
I think the game is great but don't understand why you have princess Diana in with stars of the silver screen. Otherwise a very good game.
Talita 7th Feb 2023
Hi Katharina, thanks for your feedback. You can always click on the 'make a copy' blue button to create a copy of the activity and then you can delete Princess Diana and even add other people if you like.
Talita 25th Feb 2020
A new series of WHO AM I profiles are released each month, to celebrate the birthdays of famous people.
Christy 25th Feb 2020 Memory Care Director
LOVE THIS!!! Definitely A Big Hit!! Thank You for sharing!!!!!
Talita 25th Feb 2020
Thanks so much for your feedback Christy!
Claire 19th Sep 2019
This went down so well! Can we have more of these please?
Talita 23rd Sep 2019
Thanks for your feedback Claire! More coming soon!
Susan 23rd Jul 2019 Activity Co Ordinstor
I will be joining this group at some time I really enjoy what I see
sandi 22nd Sep 2009 diversional therapist
Another game is armchair travel where you have an Aussie atlas and start the tour from your town, describe which direction eg Nth East and what the town is famous for, use this to prompt to reminiscence about travel & use poetry of Aussie towns to stimulate discussion- great vision impaired exercises - Cheers Sandi
Helen 22nd Jan 2009
why not have a set of verbal clues, for example play a song that the famous person sang or read a quote from a speech they made?
Rose Rice 8th Jan 2008 Diversional Therapist
what about clients with vision impairment in doing these activities can u suggest any.