Handout: Things To Do in Self-Isolation

Handout: Things To Do in Self-Isolation

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As I'm sure many of you are also experiencing, residents are now stuck in their rooms and we also have to maintain a 2mtr distance. This makes providing activities very difficult. I made this hand out and gave it to every resident as all the things listed don't require someone to sit with them.

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Shelley 1st Sep 2020 Recreation
thank you for posting Activities! like many of you my job is hands on, hugs, special events, family and friends invited in and very very social. This pandemic is going to be with us for awhile longer. Somedays I struggle with missing my folks, hands on, hustle and bustle. Thanks to all of you I have managed to change direction and feel like I am making a difference again and it has given me time to get organized, because we all know that there are times when we don't sit!
Robyn Cooper 22nd Apr 2020
I am new to Golden Carers looking forward to seeing how I can help my residents
Talita 25th Apr 2020
Welcome to the community Robyn! All the best!
Helen 8th Apr 2020 Seniors Health Services Coordinator
Hi Stacy thank you for posting this document. I appreciated that it was shared as a word document. I work with community seniors and i could make changes so that it was useful for those who live alone in their homes. I wish there were more word documents on the site . I think it makes the resources useful to so many more people if changes can be made. From small town to Canada to the UK we are all in this together. Stay well everyone!
Stacey 17th Apr 2020
It's my pleasure. Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad it's been useful.
Susan 5th Apr 2020 Activity Director
This is a great handout
Very useful
Thanks for sharing
Stacey 17th Apr 2020
My pleasure. Glad I could contribute something useful.