How to celebrate AFL Grand Final

How to celebrate AFL Grand Final

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Here are a few ideas to help celebrate the AFL Grand Final!

  1. Choose one or all of the following sweeps:
    • Winning team and margin
    • Combined Score
    • First goal kicker
    • Last goal kicker
    • Norm Smith winner
    • Player who score the first goal for each quarter
    If you work in an assisted living hostel and management allows a little gambling, make it $.20 cents for each bet (above).

    Alternatively offer a few prizes such as marshmallows and crisps bags, biscuit crackers, chocolates, magnets, packets of tic-tac mints, decorated hats (Melbourne Cup is around the corner), boxes of raisins and nuts.

    NOTE: Consult clinical staff to see if edible prizes are suitable.
  2. Sweep Game
    • Divide audience into groups to represent each team in the Grand Final; each group with 5 or 6 players.
    • Each time a player takes possession of the ball everybody from that group/team cheers and has a drink.
    • Each time a player kicks a goal all participants of that group/team get up and shout the player’s name 3 times with arms up in the air, waving the pom-poms (good exercise!). No prizes or money involved, just good, old fashioned fun!
  3. Beer Pong Game
  4. BBQ Lunch:
    • Sausage sizzle, hamburgers, chips
    • Sausage rolls and ‘Four n Twenty’ mini pies for finger food
    • Lamingtons or Pavlova for desert
  5. Craft for AFL Grand Final:
    • Catherine Wheel to decorate facility.
    • Home-made cheerleader pompoms.

Have a great grand final!

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linda 9th Jun 2020
AFL crowds are BACK! And the Adelaide Oval will get first crack
Regalyeda 28th Aug 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
Awesome ideas.
Talita 2nd Sep 2019
Thank you for your feedback Regalyeda!
Jill 7th Sep 2016 Developmental Support Worker
We get Arrowroot biscuits and residents ice them in the team colours of the two AFL footy teams.
For example, we used black, red and white striped icing for St Kilda and Red, Yellow and Blue for the Adelaide Crows. Can do all the AFL teams if you wanted to.
We ate them at Half time for afternoon tea.
We also had different coloured cordial to match the team colours.
And party pies!
Talita 12th Sep 2016
ahh so Australian, love it! I haven't seen iced arrowroot biscuits in so long, what a great idea!
leanne 20th Sep 2015 dsw
Thanks Fil
Filidea 5th Oct 2013 D/T
For all you Victorian members, contact Simon from Eldertainment who will come out to your facility for an VFL/AFL visual display. He brings his own big projector screen and shows footage from the1970's Carlton vs. Collingwood grand final and footage of all the greats like Lou Richards, Bob Davis, Jack Dyer, Ted Whiten ect.. and also all the music to the theme songs. The residents loved it and it brings back so many memories of there great sporting hero's.
Best $100.00 well spent!!!
His number is :0435785335. Simon Trewarne.
Please go on his website to see other visual interactive displays and entertainers he provides.
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