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Rhonda 5th Feb 2015 Lifestyle Assistant
Hi, I have cut the cardboard into a shape of a 'C' and then you dont need to use a small ball of wool. But you have to take care when you cut the wool so it doesn't slip off the ends. here is the link
you can also make tiny pompoms using a fork here is the link
Julie 14th Jan 2014 Recreational Activity Officer
We made a heap of pompoms in all different sizes as an on-going project, attached them with hot-glue to a large canvas and hung on display on the wall, looks awesome!!
Julie :-)
Ellie 14th Jan 2014 diversional therapist
Hi, I get the residents to make the pompoms and then we make them into either spiders with hats or lil people. I found at my local Spotlight Store that I can buy hats, google eyes (the bigger the better, depending on what size the pompom), glasses and also some pipe cleaners.
The spider, When you have made the pompom leave enough wool so you can make a loop so you can hang them, I use 4 pipe cleaners, threaded through the bottom of the pompom, bend them so they look like legs, glue the eyes on and top hat.
The lil people, trace some feet onto cardboard and cover with felt (I use black) then glue your pompom on, to decorate glue eyes, hat and place a pair of glasses over the eyes, depending on what colour the pompom is as to what hat I put on, either a top hat or a ladies hat. Thanks for an easier way of making pompoms, which I forgot about
Samantha 24th Oct 2013 Community care worker
Like Kellie, I too have found an easier style of pom-pom making. I cut some cardboard rectangles and you just need to wind the yarn around the rectangle to the desired thickness then slip it off the cardboard and proceed as Kellie described (you may like to trim the pom-pom to neaten it up at the end). It is very quick and all our clients have happily participated in the activity. We are making a pom-pom garland which will be hung up as a Christmas decoration.
Kellie 16th Oct 2013 Activity officer
Hi, I have found an easy alternative to making pompoms..
Have clients wrap wool around four fingers to an approximate depth of 2cm then carefully slide off fingers. Place wrapped wool over a piece of wool and tye tightly around the middle. (As u would normally) then cut around edges to make the pompom. Not as thick as a normal pompom. But well worth using with clients who have short attention span.
Once pompoms were completed they were hot glued onto a 20cm bamboo garden stick and displayed in a vase.. Wonderful colour for spring.
Kellie. Leisure and lifestyle.
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