The best way to inspire people to drink is to involve them in process of making drinks.  Home-made lemonade and orangeade are both excellent thirst quenchers, delicious and without preservatives or additives.
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The best way to inspire people to drink, is to involve them in the process of making drinks.

For instance, home-made lemonade and orangeade are both excellent thirst quenchers, delicious and without preservatives or additives.

Sweeten to taste with sugar or artificial sweeteners for diabetics.

Here are a few recipes:


Brown sugar
Mint sauce

  1. Cut oranges in halves and give to participants to juice (use a citrus squeezer or juicer).
  2. For every two cups of orange juice you will need one cup of water.
  3. Wash half an orange and cut the rind off as thinly as possible.
  4. Place all the above in a blender with a few ice cubes.
  5. Blend for a few minutes and strain.
  6. Add sugar to taste and a few drops of mint sauce.

Brazilian Lemonade

4 limes
6 cups of water
Half a tin of sweetened condensed milk
One cup of ice

  1. Wash limes well and cut off top and bottom (hard parts)
  2. Chop cut limes into 8 pieces (skins on!)
  3. Place limes, 3 cups of water and condensed milk in a blender.
  4. Blend for 30 seconds.
  5. Sieve and add the rest of the water.
  6. Adjust to taste add sugar if necessary.
  7. Serve over ice.

Sparkling Pineapple & Mint Drink

1 fresh pineapple, peeled and chopped
One small handful of fresh mint
A few teaspoons of sugar
1 liter bottle of sparkling water or plain water
Crushed ice, to serve

  1. Place pineapple, mint and sugar in a blender. Process until smooth.
  2. Pour into tall glasses, top with crushed ice.
  3. Add sparkling water (or plain water) to the top.
  4. Garnish with mint or pineapple slices.

Old Fashioned-Lemonade

6 lemons
1 cup sugar

  1. Juice lemons (For 2 litres you need 6 lemons or 1 cup of juice).
  2. Add 1 cup sugar and stir
  3. Add water to your taste; some like it tart and others prefer it sweet.
  4. Serve on ice.

NOTE: Make Pink Lemonade by adding cranberry juice.






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Myra 14th Nov 2016 Studying
Loving the sound of the sparkling pineapple and mint drink.
Talita 21st Nov 2016
Thank you Myra! It is so delicious!
Viola 2nd Jan 2015 Physio Assistant
Have the drinks made up and chilling while we sit on our chairs around the little pool doing some fun lower limb exercises, splashing and kicking our feet and legs. Then we can sit back and relax with a home made cool refreshing drink.
Love it ... Thankyou!
Bernadette 1st Jul 2013 nurse
What a brilliant idea I will certainly be trying this drink activity on Friday. I have signed up recently for the second year as a member. All the ideas are great. Thank so much Bernadette -Canberra.
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