I thought i would share with you a tool which i have been using for bingo:

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Michelle 2nd Jun 2023 Diversional Therapist
we use this app its so good for residents with hearing impairment
Julie 3rd Aug 2015 Activity Director
oooh thank you so much for this, this is going to be a big help
Marc 10th Jun 2015 Activities Co-ordinator
Yes this is a great app. The visual aspect is the key. Residents who do not speak Engish can now play by just looking at the shape of the the number on the screen and then comparing on their bingo card. A3 size bingo cards help. One resident who doesn't like playing bingo now enjoys being the operator. She presses Next Ball on the iPad in manual mode to advance the calls. Also you can't lose the balls....
Taryn 9th Jun 2015 Activities coordinator
Fantastic! Thanks!!
Christine 3rd Jun 2015 Activity Groups & respite Team Leader
This is great.
rebecca 3rd Jun 2015 Diversional Therapist
Awesome! Thank you! What a great idea!
julie 2nd Jun 2015 activities worker
Thankyou i have been looking for something like this.