This quiz is all about things relating to October. It includes historical events and trivia. It's tricky and informative and will promote much discussion!

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Owen 1st Sep 2020 Retired
I am constantly amazed at the amount of new jokes, comments, activities and relevant material that keeps appearing in the pages of "This Month" every month. In fact there is usually no trouble to find appropriate games, quizzes, jokes and games to suit the monthly occasion every month for our Seniors. I have often thought of sending you something but usually you have already posted it, or a similar example. Our Thursday Group are never short of new quizzes, interesting activities, and games, or other programme fillers so please keep up the good work.
Owen Rodgers
Life Member Scouts New Zealand
Talita 2nd Sep 2020
Thank you so much for your feedback Owen! We very much appreciate it. x