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Marnie 11th Aug 2013 Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator - there are fun facts and activities on this page in the form of posters
debbie 28th Jul 2013 day centre coordinator
As a left handed D.T I am going to celebrate my uniqueness ( top 10%) and encourage some games for our clients the " left handed way"!! Balloon throwing and batting with the left hand only.

Yes, should be fun.
Solange 14th Jul 2012 Diversional Therapist
Thank you Sheila. It is food for thought; I will seek some games to celebrate 'Left-Handers Day'.
Sheila 13th Jul 2012 Occupational Therapist
How about you you have an activity where the right hand is not used (or if you have a right handed person vice versa.) Not only would it highlight the left handed day it would also make people more aware of what it feels like for a person with a hemiplegia and the frustrations they go through especially if their dominant hand has been paralysed.
Maybe something like a simple craft or even making a card - just a thought :)
Sheila Douthwaite (Occupational therapist, Mbango Valley Association, South Africa)