Mad Hatters Tea Party

Mad Hatters Tea Party

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To host a mad hatters tea party is a very easy thing to do. Let your imagination run wild and be inspired by anything whimsical and enchanting and of course Alice in Wonderland. The looks on our Residents faces when they saw how amazing this was, was worth every minute spent.

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Aneeka 21st Jun 2017 Life Style Coordinator or RLO
We had a Mad Hatters Tea Party last month, it was a great success, especially when all the therapy staff dressed up..... the residents where laughing so much it was adorable.... we put on a few dance routines with residents involved as well.... we are now planing a circus theme for July..
Kim 22nd Jun 2017 Activity Officer
Aneeka, a circus theme sounds wonderful. Make sure you post up lots of photos for us all to see :-) and Liz, how gorgeous! some of our residents made hats in craft and others had family make them for them at home and bought in on the day with prizes for best hat and maddest hat. It certainly is a fun day for everyone with these themes.
Liz 20th Jun 2017 Activities / Illustration
These images are fab. We had one earlier this year and got the residents to make Mad Hatter Hats.
Talita 22nd Jun 2017
Beautiful photo compilation Liz, thanks so much for sharing!
Talita 14th Jun 2017
Thanks so much for sharing Kim. The effort you put into this is amazing! Love the photos, just beautiful.
Kim 12th Jun 2017 Activity Officer
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