Match the songs with the artists that performed them

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Kaylene 20th Aug 2021 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator
So sad we are not allowed to sing at the moment!
Phil 11th Feb 2020 Retired Engineer
We play music every time I visit my elderly friends. I have a Beats Pill and I subscribe to Spotify so they can choose any song, artist or genre they want. We love it. It was country and the Beatles this morning along with Glen Miller and the soundtrack from High Society.
Great fun
Waldon 12th Jan 2017 Activity Aide
OH my goodness we did this yesterday and they loved it. We played the a bit of the song first and then they tired to remember the name and the artist. Was quite fun!! We are going to download sound bits to our ipod and use it with the quiz. Everyone was singing out loud to the songs.
Talita 14th Jan 2017
This is so great to hear! Thanks for your feedback Waldon!
Glynis 22nd Nov 2016 Technical Assistant
Fantastic, it creates a good sing-a-long as well as a quiz
Talita 28th Nov 2016
Thank you Glynis!