Match these well known songs to the films they were featured in. A fun reminiscing activity for seniors who will remember many of these much loved movies.

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Natalie 4th Jul 2017 Day Respite Coordinator and assistant
The "Match the songs with the movies" was a massive hit with my day respite clients. Lots of giggles and fun, which lead into other songs too. Thanks for that.
Talita 5th Jul 2017
Thanks so much for your feedback Natalie!
Talita 31st Oct 2016
That's a good idea - we'll put together a playlist that you can access. I will keep you posted!
Tracey 7th May 2017 Activities Therapist
Elissa 27th Dec 2018 Occupational Therapist
Hello, is there a downloadable playlist of songs for this?
Kathleen 28th Oct 2016
a cd of the songs would be great and easy to use
Brenda 28th Oct 2016 Recreation Therapist
It looks like you have the list movies but we need to download songs?