The second installment of the fun math quiz series! This one is a little tricky and would be suited to high functioning residents who enjoy math!

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Lisa 27th Apr 2019 Activities for Seniors
I realize you all work very hard to keep the activities coming. Is there any way you can do another math quiz? My people love them.
I appreciate anything and everything yo come up with.

Lisa 8th Nov 2018 Activities for Seniors
This one is a a a little too difficult for my people. I appreciate your efforts and now that this is the best website out there for activities. Thanks again!
Talita 8th Nov 2018
Noted! I'll adjust the description to let people know this one is a little more advanced. We'll get some easier ones out soon! Thanks Lisa.
Talita 15th Oct 2018
Thanks Lisa! Yes, we have more coming! Here is the link to the mathematics article Susan mentioned:

Some great maths ideas there too!
Susan 13th Oct 2018 Activity Director
Have you checked out mathematics for the elderly
It's a new activity this week
Many great ideas there
Lisa 9th Oct 2018 Activities for Seniors
Wonderful! Please keep them coming
Susan 3rd Sep 2018 Activity Director
Another great set of problems