Merry Christmas in Different Languages

Merry Christmas in Different Languages

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Allison 21st Dec 2016 Personal Activity Leader
I did something similar this year. We have many different nationalities of staff working with us. So I printed out 'Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year' in all the nationalities along with pictures of holly and asked our residents to help colour them in. We have them stuck up all around the units and the staff love the idea that we thought of them and have made them all feel included too.
Susan 1st Nov 2016 Lifestyle Assistant
I have done an activity where we have labelled and decorated snow flakes with the word 'merry xmas' in many foreign languages. These snowflakes were then put on display in a communal area. Many residents would go past and try to pronounce the foreign word or even look for the one that represented their homeland. It also connected some of the care staff, whose second language is English, as they would look for 'their' snowflake.
Talita 1st Nov 2016
What a great idea Susan, I love it!

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