I downloaded instrumental versions of each song from YouTube to play in leu of calling cards. I use an iPad to play the songs for the residents and use the shuffle feature to start each new game.  If you're unable to actually play each song, I included calling cards.

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Kathi 19th May 2021 Program Supervisor
Looks like their are 16 cards for bingo. So I'm assuming thats the max that can play?
Susan 19th May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Kathi
If you have more than 16 people who want to play then you can print multiple copies of some of the cards
Of Course that means you will have multiple winners but you can always split the prizes
Michael 25th Aug 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi guys,

I'm struggling to find the correct original song for each of the songs listed. They seem to be classic original songs that many probably find easy to identify, however there are many modern takes on the originals and from different artists, and sound completely different and leads to confusion for my patients.

It's difficult for me to find them and even the nurses I work with, especially as i'm younger and less familiar.

If anyone could provide the original artists to each song it would be massively appreciated!
Gail 11th Apr 2021 Carer/Activity coordinator
Did anyone get the attachment for the original songs for this bingo please ?
Susan 14th May 2020 Activity Director
Thank you so much for this Sara
Sara 13th May 2020 Lifestyle Enrichment Coordinator
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