This game is like musical chairs, but creative. It can be adapted for all fitness levels. Tell each participant to start drawing and when the music stops they give the picture to the person next to them.  Continue to play music, change and draw until everyone has their original drawing back. Admire the strange masterpieces you have all created together. It makes for a lot of laughter.

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Susan 21st Aug 2023 Activity Director
Hi, once again
Try this for scrapbooking
I am not exactly sure what you mean by mind, works, and looking after me
If you could give me more detail, I might be able to help you
Carlota 18th Aug 2023 Client Experience Coach/Activity Facilitator
Hi there,
I am Carlota working in disabilities and currently part of the group where we are facilitating the activities for our clients but most of our clients are high needs and in a wheelchair, and our other clients are walker. Now, I was assigned to oversee the following sessions:
1. Matariki Class
2. Theatre works
3. Scrapbooking
4. Mind works
5. Looking after Me

If you have ideas on those classes will be a big help for me if you can share it to me. Thank you in advance.
Susan 21st Aug 2023 Activity Director
Hi Carlota
I assume that the residents or peoplethat come to your center are interested in these activities and not the idea of an administrator
I would modify the activities, soparticipats can participate in them
First of all, you need to be engaging and get everyone to participate. Also, you need to be excited about the group you are doing.
Here are some comments from some of the members Of golden carers
Will tell you about Matariki
You can have a discussion and or sing appropriate songs
Lisa 8th May 2019 Activities for Seniors
Great idea....sounds fun
Sandy 29th Jul 2016 Recreational Activity Officer
Fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing.
Anglicare - Karen 28th Jul 2016 Lifestyle Lead
The hardest part is starting up, we encouraged people just to draw a squiggle if they couldn't think of anything else. Our disability group also joined in, so it's really a good intergenerational activity also.
Jeanette 26th Jul 2016 Diversional Therapist
What a fantastic idea, can't wait to do this with my residents soon.