Match these famous songs of yesteryear with the correct singers!

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Danita 17th Jan 2017 Activity Director
I just joined today. I am very EXCITED! I've been doing activities for 10 years, but get stuck doing the same 'ole things and in a rut from time to time. I ask for ideas, but no luck. I have jumped on here and in 2 minutes, already have 2 great ideas! TRULY LOOKING FORWARD to what's in store for myself and my residents this year!!! THANK YOU!!!
Solange 18th Jan 2017 Diversional Therapist
Welcome Danita, and thank you for the feedback. We really appreciate it.
kay 7th Dec 2015
Great memory booster really made you think
Kymberly 21st Apr 2014 Activities Coordinator
Thanks this was great. Do you have others, like matching movies with songs?
talita 18th Feb 2013
Hi Michelle,

We have updated the quiz to include answers, thanks for pointing this out!

Michelle 18th Feb 2013 Recreation activities officer
Is there an answer sheet