Musical Stories and Song

Musical Stories and Song

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Objective:  Promotes memory recall, focus and attention, group paticipation and laughter. 

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Wendy 29th Dec 2022 Lifestyle Coordinator
Great idea John thanks
Hello , Thanks for the feedback . Have fun and enjoy!
Susan 4th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi John
I love your picture
John 3rd Mar 2021 Lifestyle Worker
As a Lifestyle Worker. Music is so important to our residents
John 3rd Mar 2021 Lifestyle Worker
I play a lick on the guitar, our residents have to put their hand up if they,ve hear it before.
Susan 3rd Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Camille
I agree this is a wonderful activity
Talita 2nd Mar 2021
This is a wonderful activity idea Camille, thanks for sharing!