This is a wonderful reminiscing activity that will engage men in a social setting.
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Play an interactive game with your residents on father’s day. Ask kitchen staff to prepare something special such as muffins or scones for morning/afternoon tea (depend what time the activity takes place.


To engage socially and reminisce.


  • Seat residents around a table.
  • Place a whiteboard or large piece of paper where all can see.
  • Explain to them that you would like to know what profession their father’s had.
  • Ask each resident about their father's profession and write it down. Take the opportunity to talk about the profession and reminisce with resident and others.

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Julianne 29th Aug 2014 Activities Officer
I'm also going to try this out with my residents, should be very interesting.
Sally 29th Jul 2014 Recreational Activities Officer
I included this as part of Happy Hour/Quiztime last Friday afternoon. It was amazing!! So many interesting stories. I was speechless and the residents were all interested in each others stories. It was so good I decided to include it with a slightly different group at the Monday afternoon High Tea, and it was just as successful. Thank you so much.
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