Guess the name of the song based on the pictures shown. You may need to think outside the box for this one! Good Luck :)

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Restvale 5th Oct 2023 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator
Thanks for this game. So much fun. We have starting looking at adding more to this!
Glenys 24th Sep 2023 Activities/Caregiver
The residents loved this great job
Beryl 21st May 2022 Lifestyle Therapist
Thank you, I am so grateful for all of you that make the lifestyle therapists jobs easier so that we can give a great service to the elderly. Our time is limited and your ideas certainly help. Bless you all.
Sheila 22nd Mar 2022 Volunteer Coordinator
thank you for this. our lovely residents absolutely love the picture quizzes.
Katie 9th Mar 2022 Manager
this was so good my residents loved it.. thank very much
Talita 14th Mar 2022
Thanks for your feedback Katie, yes Jen did a great job with this one!