NRL Tipping spreadhsheet with formulas to automatically calculate each person's tally. Score cards for each round of fixtures included!

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Emily 4th Feb 2022 Lifestyle Coordinator
Thank you so much. I love how you do them and have been waiting for them excited to get my footy tipping underway
Talita 14th Feb 2022
You are most welcome Emily! Thanks for your feedback x
Talita 3rd Feb 2022
NRL tipping and score cards now availalbe for 2022!
Natalie 5th Mar 2021 RAO
Thankyou !
Sue 23rd Jun 2020 Chaplain
This is fantastic but I'm unable to find all eight games played each week.
What am I doing wrong
Talita 23rd Jun 2020
Hi Sue,

The fixtures and score cards should show all the eight games for each round.

Try clicking on the link entitled:
2020 NRL Fixtures & Score Cards - PDF (Updated)

Let me know if you're still having troubles!
Bernii 28th May 2020 Activity Co Ordinator
Thank you soo much for the updated footy tipping.
Talita 1st Jun 2020
You are most welcome Bernii!
Talita 25th May 2020
This has now been updaed inline with the restarted season (due to covid-19)
Amanda 25th May 2020 Aged Care
hello. has there been an updated one for the new Covid draw?
Talita 16th Mar 2020
Thanks everyone for your feedback, it is very much appreciated! x
Julianne 11th Mar 2020 Activities Officer
Has everything you need, fabulous.
Patrick 11th Mar 2020 Clinical Care Manager
This is fantastic thank you.
Yvonne 10th Mar 2020
St Lukes 5th Mar 2020