This activity is suitable for people with dementia or Alzheimers. You can use socks, playing cards, picture matching Games etc

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Anastasia 3rd Nov 2016
What a wonderful website! Just joined in and can`t stop reading.
The link above (download and print) on this page does not work for some reason. I hope it will be fixed soon so I can save it for further reference. Thank you.
Sharon 26th Jan 2016
I discovered another pairing activity that was highly satisfying for some of our dementia residents. I gave them a basket or box of clean socks (obtained from the laundry) and asked the residents to "help me" by sorting and pairing the socks. I had previously separated and mixed the socks up. Sorting socks is a familiar task for most women who were mothers and housewives so participating is natural for them.
Talita 4th Apr 2016
Great idea thanks Sharon, the activity has been updated.
Annette 8th Aug 2014