Improve hand-eye coordination and enhance motor skills

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Glenda 22nd Nov 2012
Love this idea. Have tried it and both people have responded well to enlarged photos of themselves. Am now preparing to try with old calendars and familiar items such as tractors and animals. Regards, Glenda
solange 29th Jun 2012
Hi Marina, Thank you for the feedback. I am glad it worked for you.
Marina 29th Jun 2012
I did this activity with the Royal Wedding pictures, but cut only in 2 pieces (different shapes). I jumbled them up and placed in middle of table, when I come back all the pictures are put back together. Great activity;. Gives residents something to do on their own while you are doing another activity. Very good for encouraging residents to chat and do something together. Marina Secure Dementia Wing.
Bronwyn 26th Nov 2010
I love this idea as a 1:1 session. Could get family members to provide enlarged pictures of themselves, then the face is someone the resident may recognise.
Michelle 20th Mar 2010
Good idea, I have also used calandar pictures of scenery, famous buldings or animals and cut them into puzzles, vary how many pieces depending on your level of residents, have used for 1;1 time and small groups
Janice 18th Aug 2009
Can see myself using this activity with a particular patient. Thank you.